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The offer

While in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina - 4 days - from 288€

The offer

Relaxation at Bled lake, Slovenia - 6 days - from 300 €

Soca Slovenia
The offer

Rafting on the Soca river, Slovenia - 8 days - from 552 €

Belgrade and Serbia
The offer

Change of scenery on the Drina river, Serbia - 9 days - from 967 €

Ljubljana Slovenia
The offer

Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia - 6 days - from 913 €

Romania Bucarest
The offer

House of People, the 2nd largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon, Bucarest, Romania - 4 days - from 286 €

Tracian Cliffs, Bulgaria
The offer

Relaxation after playing golf in Bulgaria - 4 jours - from 392 €

Romania hiking
The offer

The hiking, Romania - 8 days - from 426 €

Bosnie traditions
The offer

The beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina - 5 days - from 615 €

Romanian traditions
The offer

Romanian traditions, Giulesti village - 12 days - from 570€


Our travel ideas

Krakow, the Northern Florence - 4 days from 249€

Krakow, the Northern Florence - 4 days from 249€

4 days
From 249 €
Special Weekend - International Women's Day - 4 days from 280€

Special Weekend - International Women's Day - 4 days from 280€

4 days
From 280 €
Premium hiking in Romania - 9 days from 896 €

Premium hiking in Romania - 9 days from 896 €

9 days
From 896 €

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Our motivations

Our travel agents, all from Eastern Europe (Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and many others ...) and graduated from the tourism sector are specialists in their fields. Est Evasion is a team of enthusiasts above all, whose vocation is to share their knowledge and put their professionalism at the service of travelers.

Est Evasion way of travelling
  • You contact us
  • We identify your needs and desires
  • We set up a tailor-made trip with local agencies
  • Trust our expert team to leave in confidence

Interested in a trip, tour or journey in Eastern Europe ? Est Evasion is the guarantee of a unique experience and an individual support in the heart of Eastern Europe. Ask for a quote to get the best prices thanks to our local travel agents.

Our services

Once on the spot, travelers are taken care of by our associates, only local agencies, carefully tested and chosen by Est Evasion. Our partners will ensure the smooth running of your stay.

Est Evasion selects the best destinations and activities in Eastern Europe (sports, gastronomy, wellness, etc.). We would like to contribute to the development of the premises, for a more responsible tourism and an authentic experience.

Est Evasion builds strong relationships with local agencies in Eastern Europe. We combine expertise, knowledge and dedicated work to provide you with the best services at competitive prices.

“ Want to escape, dare East! ”


  • Bank transfers


  • Before the departure, everything is organized (payment, conditions of accommodation, progress of the stay, transport etc ...).


  • Travel confidently with our local experienced agencies