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My name is Annemarie and I am native of Romania. As I love my country and I know it is not well known, I decided to set up my travel agency to better let you discover it and make you travel.


This is how Est Evasion was born.


I live in France and I have traveled extensively in my life, my experience has enabled me today to develop this service and to offer you the best prices from local agencies.


I know everything about Romania and what my country can offer you. Beyond my country, I want to show you all the other countries of Eastern Europe, which are also magnificent and authentic destinations. Thanks to this site you will be able to travel to Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Slovenia and others ...


Myself and my team, we represent several tourism providers in the Eastern Europe countries that we have tested personally, on this site you will find our ideas and proposals of visits for groups and individuals. All offers can be adapted to your needs and your expectations.


We hope that our proposals will make you leave your office chairs and go on adventures where traditions and customs are heavily preserved!


Come with us to discover the magical world of Eastern Europe!


If you can not find the holidays that suit you, contact us with your specific wishes.


Wish to escape, dare and go East!