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Tips for a first family holiday in Romania

Article by Arthur, mesevasion.com | 25 septembre 2017
Tips for a first family holiday in Romania

Romania is an European state located in the south-east of the continent. Although it is little known to travellers in general, this state seems to be the best known of the other states located in this zone. When speaking of Romania, one immediately refers to its rich cultural and historical heritage. If you have the opportunity to visit its many cities, you will know more about their modern appearance. In the countryside, authenticity has been well preserved. It is the same for its truly remarkable natural spaces. This will be an ideal destination for families. Here's for a first family holiday to help you prepare your next trip.


When to stay in Romania?


In general, Romania has a fairly steep continental climate. That is to say, summers often turn out to be hot and winters cold. However, temperatures and precipitation are sharply contrasted in parts of the state, namely in the mountains or on the coastline bordering the Black Sea. Therefore, the best times for the family to spend a pleasant stay are in May, June, the first half of July and September.

In general, offers and benefits are not suitable for families before these periods. As for the winter, for those who have chosen to come as a family to ski, the landscapes are wonderful and opportunities for activities will not fail. Depending on your tastes and wishes, a tailor made trip will be the best option to discover the destination you have chosen.


The best accommodation for a family trip


Romania has a large number of accommodation types. For a family holiday, pensions/house guests are the best places for families. Typically, tourist hostels are easy to find in most tourist areas. These types of accommodation are often comfortable and well suited to children. Food products usually come from residents' farms.

If you are going to the countryside, a stay with the inhabitant will be the best choice for a trip without worries. The warm welcome and the services will be very satisfactory. You will also have the opportunity to taste the local cuisine and discover the secrets of the local traditions. In small towns, the experience is more or less similar in family hotels through welcoming and remarkable services.


Visits to be made in Romania


A trip to Romania is an opportunity for families to visit remarkable and authentic sites. The capital Bucharest remains one of the ideal starting points for exploring Romania. It offers various places to mark your trip. During your trip, do not miss a visit to the Cotroceni Royal Palace, the Arc of Triomphe, the Kretzulescu church or the Parliament Palace, so called the House of People, 2nd largest building in the world after the Pentagon. Then head north-east of the country to reach the region of Moldova where Bucovina, an area where vegetation is abundant, is located. Do not miss to visit its many monasteries, Unesco's world heritage, very popular for their architecture and the frescoes that decorate them.

In the heart of Romania, more precisely Transylvania, the city of Sibiu seems to attract all travellers by its medieval village charm. Its historical center will offer you a memorable wealth of architecture and history.

For nature lovers, the Danube Delta is the perfect place to observe the local fauna and biodiversity representative of Romania. So go for a cruise from a few hours to a few days to please all the members of your family. This experience will really mark your trip to Romania with your tribe.

So much to enjoy and remember your family's journey.


Article written for Est Evasion by Arthur from mesevasions.com