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Heading to Romania and the Eastern Europe!

Article by Voyager Pratique | 29 mai 2017
Heading to Romania and the Eastern Europe!



For many years, Romania and the Eastern Europe have been abandoned by tourists. Today, the situation is changing, and the treasures and cultural richness of these Eastern countries arouse more and more the curiosity of the French ...

It is to make better known the Eastern countries and their treasures that Annemarie Hoarau, who is native of Romania, launches Est Evasion.

Est Evasion is a travel agency specialized in trips to Eastern Europe. It offers organized trips, adapted to all needs and budgets, to people who want to simply discover the authentic countries of Eastern Europe. In addition to Romania, it allows to travel to Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Kosovo, Moldova, Macedonia and Slovakia.

The journeys take the form of free circuits or tailor-made, according to the expectations of the tourists. They are fully organized before departure, from payment to accommodation through transportation and activities.

The advantages of the tour operator ...

Expertise. Annemarie Hoarau, the creator of Est Évasion, is originally from Romania, and she knows very well the culture and the specificities of the Eastern countries. Moreover, she has been living in France since 2005, she understands the needs and expectations of French or other travelers, and is able to offer them personalized programs.

Authenticity. Est Évasion aims to show the real face of the Eastern countries, through authentic activities carried out in small groups: overnight stays with the inhabitants or in traditional guest houses, meals on local farms and restaurants, and traditional events for the locals. Also on the program: tastings of local products, such as wine, honey, brandy and cheese, and discovery of traditional crafts.

Professionalism. A large part of the visits and accommodation offered by Est Évasion have been tested by the agency's team so that travelers can enjoy their stay in the best possible conditions.

Competitive rates. Est Evasion deals directly with local agencies, with which it has established partnerships. This allows it to practice extremely competitive rates.

The programs are unique, authentic and original ...

The countries of Eastern Europe have many tourist assets, which we know too little. On the cultural level, these are magnificent countries with a rich history, which have preserved and respected their traditions. These are ideal destinations for enriching tours, festivals and other events, gastronomic tastings, and city breaks.

Focus on two trips to Romania ..

Romania offers many activities for those who wish to discover it, between sport, well-being, nature, cultural and gastronomic visits.

Est Evasion proposes to discover the capital, Bucharest, which houses the People's House, the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon, as well as the parks and natural lakes of this magnificent country. The travel agency also proposes for the curious travelers trips to Transylvania, famous area that has inspired Bram Stoker, author of Dracula.

Cultural Discovery of Romania

This 12-day and 11-night journey allows you to cross the country by visiting four regions: Wallachia, Transylvania, Bucovina and Dobrogea. The travelers are accommodated in a 3-star hotel, in traditional guest houses and at the inhabitant's.

On the program: visits to Bucharest, castles and fortresses, fortified churches, medieval towns and monasteries classified as Unesco World Heritage, as well as discovering sumptuous sculptures in Bucovina and boat trips on the Danube Delta . Price: from 570 euros.

Hiking in the mountains of Transylvania

This stay is for nature lovers and unusual experiences. 8 days and 7 nights, it includes several days of hiking in the Bucegi mountains and in the Piatra Craiului National Park to discover spruce forests, mountain pastures, traditional dwellings of the pastoral life of the region.

Price: from 426 euros.