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Est Evasion wants to change the image of Eastern Europe

Tour Hebdo article | 29 mai 2017
Est Evasion wants to change the image of Eastern Europe



The founder of Est Evasion works with several receptives in Eastern Europe, but also plans to develop its own programs in the future. ©EstEvasion

Dare go to the East! As the name suggests, Est Evasion is a new agency specialized in travel to Eastern Europe. Its founder, Annemarie Hoarau, is from Romania and, although she does not come from the travel sector, she says she is "passionate about tourism". Based in Nice, this former employee of an oil platform company based in Monaco left her old life to set up her project. Objective: to popularize Eastern Europe and to propose different journeys of what currently exists. "I want to show the real face of countries, for example, inviting customers to sleep in traditional guest houses and bring ideas that other agencies do not have," she said.

For Annemarie Hoarau, the priority today is to form a small team and, above all, to make themselves known. "For the moment, applications come through the Internet, people that heard about it, advertising on Google and social networks," she says, setting a first goal of 40 to 100 clients per month from here the end of the year. Annemarie Hoarau intends to organize presentations of destinations, with the help of consulates, and participate in fairs.

It should be noted that the Agency's website is available in French and English and that the founder of Est Evasion is surprised to receive more requests from American customers than from French-speaking clients . "Francophones are more septic against Bucharest or Belgrade," she says, "the challenge is to convince, to ensure that the countries of Eastern Europe are perceived as Destinations like the others and that we leave for a weekend in Bucharest as we leave for a weekend in Barcelona ".

Didier Forray