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Discover Transylvania - non-guided tour - 5 days from 328 €

A glance at a very famous part of Romania, the region of Transylvania, a land of legends that inspired Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula", a historic place, with towns and villages that preserve many very ancient traditions within an Idyllic framework.


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5 days - 4 Nights
Bucarest Airport
Hotels 3*
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Discover Transylvania - non-guided tour - 5 days from 328 €

Day 1 - Bucarest - cosmopolitain city

Arrival at Henri Coanda airport in Bucharest. Transfer to the hotel.

The capital of Romania is a cosmopolitan city, active, with a unique charm. In 1459 was known as the residence of King Vlad Tepes - now known as Vlad the Impaler - the city experienced a tumultuous history that left its mark.


To see :

  • The People's House - the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon, the most expensive building and also the heaviest building - according to "Guinness Book of World Records"
  • The historic city - the center of commercial activity in the Middle Ages, which today is full of restaurants, bars and nightclubs as well as antique shops, art galleries and historic buildings
  • Rue de la Victoire - the popular promenade during the time period between the two wars, with impressive buildings such as: the Romanian Atheneum, the Royal Palace, etc.

Accommodation in a 3 *** hotel in the city center.


Discover Transylvania - non-guided tour - 5 days from 328 €

Day 2 - Dracula Castle

Morning: Departure to Transylvania - a region that was the Irish writer Bram Stoker's inspiration for his novel "Dracula". We pass through the Prahova Valley to the Sinaia station, where the Peles Castle - the Royal Castle of Romania - is located.

Afternoon: Visit the Bran villiage, a beautiful fortress of the 14th century, one of the most famous and also the most expensive castles in the world, thanks to its reputation linked to the unmistakable Dracula. The castle was restored at the beginning of the 20th century by the royal family of Romania. It is an impressive building that keeps the passage between the two Romanian provinces: Transylvania and Wallachia.

Evening: Brasov - one of the most important cities of Transylvania. Surrounded by the wooded slopes of Carpathians, the town was built from the 13th century by German settlers called "sasi" from Sachsen - Saxons. Welcomed by the Hungarian king in Transylvania, the Germans - mostly from the region of Luxembourg, the Moselle valley and Franconia - populated the entire southern part of the province from the 11th century, except the mountains which were traditionally dominated by the Latin-speakers, in this period known as the valaques or vlachi and later the Romanians. The Germans left after 800 years, following the invasion of the Red Army, the malversations of the communist period and finally the freedom of movement gained by the Revolution of 1989. Only a minority of 0.6% of the Romanian population remains. On the other hand, an astounding heritage was left behind consisting of hundreds of medieval villages, cities such as Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara and many fortified churches endowed with ramparts following the great 1241 Mongol invasion of Genghis Khan in Europe .

Accommodation in a 3 *** hotel in the center of the city.


Discover Transylvania - non-guided tour - 5 days from 328 €

Day 3 - Sighisoara - medieval town

Morning : village of Viscri (Deutschweisskirch) - a typical Saxon village, which is now a UNESCO site - representative of the architecture, landscape and especially the fate of the Saxons of Central Transylvania.

There is a lot to see: the beauty of the surrounding landscape - the Natura 2000 site, the fortified church, and all this, using a very common means of transport here - the cart - if the weather allows it.

Lunch prepared by the people of the village, accompanied by local brandy and wine.

Afternoon : Sighisoara - Unesco classified city which remains one of the most authentic medieval cities in Europe. From here, we will walk to take a tour of the fortress following the ancient walls and the bastions. Sighisoara is also the city where Vlad Tepes was born almost 600 years ago.

Accommodation in a 3 stars hotel in the center of the citadel.

Discover Transylvania - non-guided tour - 5 days from 328 €

Day 4 - Sibiu - Europe's cultural capital

Morning: Visit Sibiu - which in 2007 was the Cultural Capital of Europe. With a vast medieval center and well-restored cultural life, Sibiu is home to the second largest museum in the world - the Brukenthal Museum. Sibiu is the capital of the German minority (Saxon) in Romania.

Tour of the city and time to discover one of the museums of the city.

Afternoon: Depart to Bucarest

Evening: Free time in Bucarest


Accommodation in a 3 *** hotel in the city center.

Discover Transylvania - non-guided tour - 5 days from 328 €

Day 5 - Tour of Bucarest


Depending on the time of your flight, free time to go shopping or to discover Bucharest city some more. Transfer to the airport.

6 Persons from 328 € per person
4 Persons from 374 € per person
2 Persons from 465 € per person

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Extra single room: 138 € / pers

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  • 4 night stay in 3* hotels
  • breakfast
  • lunch meal at Viscri
  • the wagon ride in the Viscri village
  • a map with the journey's route in Romania and the road book
  • 24 h telephone support

Not included

  • Athe flight (ask for a quote)
  • Drinks 
  • Meals (those that are not included in the offer)
  • Options and extensions 
  • Cancelation or repatriation insurance