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Climbing in Romania - 8 days from 846 €

We address to the rock climbing enthusiasts, as Romania offers you new parishes to explore!

Come and explore the landscapes of the Eastern Europe countries, from the top of the cliffs, in the mountain range of Romania, the Carpathians.

Of course during your stay you will have the opportunity to visit the Bran castle and learn the secret of the legend of Dracula. But you can also enjoy a tasting of sparkling wines or see the impressive mud volcanoes or Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

Come and discover our resourcing offer!


Valid from April to October.


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8 days - 7 Nights
Bucharest airport
3* Guest House & 3* Hotel
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Climbing in Romania - 8 days from 846 €

Day 1 - Taste the sparkling wines

     You arrive at Bucharest airport and you are transferred for 2 hours to Azuga, where we visit the Rhein cellars, producing sparkling wine by the Champagne method. Visit of the caves, tasting of 3 types of sparkling wine and evening meal in the caves.

     Continuing northwards, you pass the Southern Carpathians and descend to Transylvania. The Rucar-Bran corridor is an ancient region where the Romanian people have been able to maintain their specific rural organization for a long time, despite the efforts of the Hungarian and Austrian administrations of the province. You are surrounded by the massifs of the South Carpathians - Bucegi at 2509 m, Piatra Craiului at 2200 m, Postavaru at 1800 m, Leaota and Iezer Papusa at more than 2000 m and also the volcanic mountains of Persani.

     Accommodation in a 3 * guest house in Bran.

Climbing in Romania - 8 days from 846 €

Day 2 - Climbing in the gorges

     Climbing on the predominant rock in the region - limestone - tracks of several lengths in Postavaru, sports climbing in the gorges of Zarnesti as well as the most fashionable cliffs in Romania, in Moroieni - for degrees 8 and not only.

     Return to Bran in the afternoon.


     Accommodation in a 3 * guest house in Bran.

Climbing in Romania - 8 days from 846 €

Day 3 - Bran castle in the morning and climbing in the afternoon

     Today you start with a visit to the Castle Bran, known as the Castle of Dracula. This 14th century military fortification built by the Teutonic Order, restored at the beginning of the 20th century by the royal family of Romania, is an imposing building that keeps the passage between two Romanian provinces: Transylvania and Wallachia.

     After visiting the castle you head towards one of the chosen cliffs, for another half day of rock climbing.

     Return to Bran late in the afternoon.


     Accommodation in a 3 * guesthouse in Bran.

Climbing in Romania - 8 days from 846 €

Day 4 - Discovery of Brasov and exploration of mountain landscapes

     After breakfast, 30 min transfer to Brasov.

     The old Corona or Kronstadt is a real city of charm. Surrounded by the wooded slopes of Carpathians, the town was built from the 13th century by German settlers called "Sasi" from Sachsen - Saxons. Invited in Transylvania by the Hungarian king, the "hospites regni" (king's guests) - mostly from the region of Luxembourg, the Moselle valley and Franconia but also from Flanders and Wallonia - populated from the 11th century all the southern part of this province except the mountains, traditionally dominated by the Latin-phones, called at that time the valaques or vlahi, later the Romanians.

     Today, Brasov, the most important trade fair city in Transylvania and all Romanian territories for 800 years, is considered the center of alpine tourism in Romania.

     Tour of the old town through a labyrinth of cobbled alleys, medieval buildings, from baroque and neoclassical times, ramparts and guard towers, pedestrian streets.

     After the visit, transfer through the Szekler Country, to the north-east of Romania, in the Eastern Carpathians. Depending on the weather, at noon you take a short break for a swim in the pure waters of the only volcanic lake in Eastern Europe. Located at 900 m altitude in an ancient crater, the lake of Santa Ana is of a circular form, it is fed by meteoric water as well as by sources of depth. The beauty of the landscape is enhanced by the ancient beech and spruce forests that surround the beaches.
Continue towards Red Lake and the Hasmas Mountains, through the cold lands of Romania and the Pangarati Pass. The town of Piatra Neamt is in contact with the Moldovan hills and the Carpathians of sedimentary origin. From here we can explore the limestones of Hasmas National Park - Cheile Bicazului, and the sandstone of the Stanisoara Mountains.


     Accommodation in 1 or 2 guest houses 3 * (depending on the size of the group).

Climbing in Romania - 8 days from 846 €

Day 5 - Climbing in the gorges of Bicaz and Sugau

     According to the weather forecasts, you can choose between sports climbing or multi-lane climbing blocks in the Bicaz and Sugau gorges and the Sihla Block Climbing Area (about 200 lanes on sandstone between 3 and 8A +) .


     Accommodation in 1 or 2 guest house(s) 3 * (depending on the size of the group).

Climbing in Romania - 8 days from 846 €

Day 6 - Climbing day

     Climbing either at Lacu Rosu or at Sihla.


     Accommodation in 1 or 2 guest house (s) 3 * (depending on the size of the group).

Climbing in Romania - 8 days from 846 €

Day 7 - Visit at mud volcanoes and way back to Bucharest

     Visit the mud volcanoes.

     Arrival in Bucharest and tour of the city center.

     Dinner in a famous restaurant in Bucharest.


     Accommodation in a 3 * hotel in the center of the city.

Climbing in Romania - 8 days from 846 €

Day 8 - Strolling in Bucharest

     Time to discover the city.

     Transfer to the airport (the cost of a taxi: around 7-8 € / taxi / 3 persons)

8 Persons from 846 € per person
6 Persons from 975 € per person
4 Persons from 1127 € per person

Possibility to customize this offer from 8 participants! Please Contact us.


Supplement for single room: 106 €/ pers


Tour valid from 4 people.


Non-guided tour available, contact us.


  • 7 nights in a DBL room with breakfast
  • The evening meal of the day 1 accompanied by the wine and the evening meal of the day 7 accompanied by the beer of the house
  • The cellars visit and the sparkling wines tasting in Azuga
  • The entrance to the Bran castle and the Mud Volcanoes
  • All necessary transfers by minibus for days 1 to 7
  • English climbing guide for days 1 to 7
  • Materials needed for climbing: rope, darts, insurance device, helmets, crash pads

Not included

  • The harness + the locking carabiner + climbing shoes
  • The flight (ask for a quote)
  • Cancellation and repatriation insurance
  • Tips