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Travel in Austria

Why choose Austria ? 


For its culture of the music, it has world-renowned composers and artists. So much for the jazz, the operas but also for the electronic and folk music.

For its Baroque capital, Vienne, at the same time old and new. Renowned for its many museums and its typical cuisine with apple strudel (Apfelstrudel) or braised paprika stew (Goulasch).

For the beauty of its landscapes, which ally a luxurious past to an extremely rich artistic life.

For its romantic little towns where it's good to stroll, perfect for a day trip or during a tourist tour.

For the castle of Eisenstadt, the most prestigious site of the city of Haydn, which invites you to take a trip back in time around the fascinating Esterhazy noble family.

For Klagenfurt, which is particularly worth seeing in summer. Situated on the Oriental bank of the lake of Wörthersee with its water green-turquoise and its soft climate. It offers especially entertainment and relaxation for families.

For the Bregenz Festival, one of the biggest festivals of classic music organized in an incredible surrounding by the lake of Constance.

For the magnificent Schönbrunn castle, which redraws a part of the life of empress Sissi. Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, she contributed to the expansion of the culture of her country. Very admired by her people, the empress was very involved in the political life.

For its ski areas like Alberg, unrivalled for all sports challenges with about 280 km downhill

For Innsbruck, a ski region that ranks among the best winter sports centers in the Alps and for the Swarovski Kristallwelten, an exhibition where the magic of crystal is staged in a varied and imaginative way.

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